April 25, 2015

Need to wander!

I have this need to wander. To do nothing and anything and yet everything. To create small things for the home. To wander and discover the pieces to decorate the house. To make a home, warm and cosy. To sew, to knit and to stitch. To explore book shops and craft exhibitions. To read from night to morning. To live in the book that I read. To attend book clubs and visit libraries. To blog away on everything. To write that book I promised myself. To do gardening and pot plants and seeds. To sprinkle water and feel the smell of wet earth. To hang a swing on this big shady tree and sleep while the wind plays with my hair. To make pickles and goodies. To bake cakes, brownies and cookies. To paint the walls and make pots. To make furniture and build things. To have animals to take care of them. To go for breezy walks in the evenings. To visit places uninhibited with no leave limits. To see the small towns and the big towns. To walk the streets and picture their secret corners. To see and collect the creativity of the world thru Knicks and Knacks. To see the different people and their stories. To seek memories and taste nostalgia. That is the need to wander! 

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