February 20, 2015

Theme home

Our house is undergoing renovation - nah retouched and whitewashed. The theme house...

So let's get ready! Let's decorate! Let's retouch! Let's repaint! Let's dream! Let's create! Let's magicfy!

Bed room 
Romance in bed room
The light colored bed
The White sheer curtains 
The wooden flooring 
The soft lamp lights
The dressing table 
The sofa 
The wedding photos the love collage

Fun room in study, a Handicraft station
Temple, a small with Mata rani and hanuman moorti and silver murti 
Toy house with masks and teddy and horses and dolls and cars the ludo the kites the posters... 
Book shelves full of the comics and the books, the albums, the coffee table books, the magazines..

Guest room 
Vintage in guest room. Old age hospitality 
It started with white cupboards white blinds and white lace curtains
But that vintage bulb just woke me up to possibilities 
Vintage lamp over Vintage shelves with vintage keepsakes. A real keepsakewala of vintage Gumball machine 1956 camera, yashica camera, GE clock radio, torch, whistle, compass, comb, joker bank, bell, vintage posters of cars, vintage lamp, Ma pa camera, coins, stamp books , reel, tapes, records 
A guest cupboard for a place to keep, a nice queens bed to sleep, for a pretty room to be. 

The long passage with glittery golden Chandeliers and long mirror in the end. The perfect ramp and dance floor with a reflecting disco light. 

A kitchen with a fridge, an oven, a stove, a microwave, a water purifier, all this is basic

But the marthbaan, candy jars, cookie jars, tin boxes, the tea kettle, the recipe books, the chalkboard, the shelf garden. 

Living room
Cosy and warm living room more like loving room
Not over the top. Just simple and sweet!
A center swing, a pretty center table, a Dewan, a cosy sofa, a small bar, a table and few chairs, a TV, a music system, a karaoke, a nice lamp in the corner...
Where our lives will revolve, our friendships our food our family our entertainment our discussions our conversations our tea our dinner our breakfast our lunch our parties our late nights our laughter our people our space 

And a few plants on the balcony... Green, refreshing, the smell of earth, the leaves, the flowers, the bees and butterflies!! 
Finally a Water bed! Somewhere!!  


Ankur Anand said...

Hobbies in interior Designing ?

Neha said...

Yea Ankur, home is like my canvas and I keep playing with it like a collage

Sujata said...

Neha where are the photos? I jumped forward to read and savour when I saw the title:) I was ready with the images of Conversation Homes playing on my mind to take note of the changes. God knows you love doing this :)

Neha said...

Wait for it! This was only to stimulate the imagination 😇

Sujata said...

Haha that's doubtful but I would wait definitely wait to see if your definitions match the pictures :)

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