February 1, 2015

Street cafe

On one of the Streetwalks, I saw this beautiful cafe. It was a windy grey morning in Wellington. Braving the weather we went for a walk knowing it was a holiday and not to be wasted but see the most. Our friends got us to Cuban Street. It was beautiful and you can figure that out from the 3 blogs I have written on Cuban Street! 

After a lovely walk, at the end of the street was this beautiful cafe. An open air cafe inviting us to come rest our feet and enjoy a drink. 

On a sunny day it would be a cool ice tea and on a cool evening it would be a nice hot tea with a muffin. For most it would be a chilled beer or vine in both cases. 

The place is so simple made out of junk or trash looking material. But one trash put with another becomes style. The opposing personalities compliment each other and bring so much variety and vibrance in life!!

Mark it on google street:

A beautiful cafe for a beautiful thought!! 

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