February 1, 2015

Good Life, Good home

Good life is all about Good Homes!!

People underestimate the power of a good home. Probably equal or close to the power of good food and good air. Not getting into Maslow or Hertzberg theory of needs. Homes are supposed to be an extension of self. In this matchbox concrete world, why don't we acknowledge the basic necessity. Each individual is unique and so are its living needs. Home is supposed to be so much and more! 

A warm home,

A happy home,

A lighted home,

A windy home,

A private home, 

A clean home, 

A green home, 

A colourful home, 

A collectors home,

A vintage home, 

A subtle home, 

A drama home,

A cosy home, 

A romantic home,

A sensual home, 

Our home!!

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