August 13, 2014

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Fort Kochi

House of God. Technically God is everywhere. So why we still have house of Gods. Not for Gods, these are for humans. A place so peaceful and calm to  comfort your heart. A place where music is always soulful, bells are always melodious and people are smiling and happy. The place we all hold our faith in, where we feel safe and peace, a little nearer to Godliness. 

Recently I visited such a place. Do you want to see too? Then hold my hand and walk with me, listen to the calm and feel your heartbeat. 

This is Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica constructed in 1500s.
First Church built on 03.05.1505
Named Cathedral on 01.02.1558
This Cathedral blessed on 19.11.1905
Declared Basilica on 23.08.1984

It's grand and gorgeous and a must see if you visit Fort Kochi. Just walk around and soak in the beauty and peace!!
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