March 8, 2014

My Wicked Mother, Happy Women's Day

My wicked mother

Wicked mothers make wicked daughters 
Mothers are not always white.. there is Kali Ma too, the wicked mother who can be nasty if need be.
Godmother, and my Mother

Crazy and sweet, mad as in Madagascar, wicked mothers... my mother is one. She does a lot of things to her kids just for fun,  tease them, beat them, tell them fake stories or lies, and irk and irritate them, instigating them to fight with her and then squash them when they do. That's how she plays with her children. That's the crazy part of being a Crazy parent...
You remember the video of the baby who laughs like mad at ripping paper. And his father having fun by fooling his kid giving him paper to rip and watching and recording the video too. That kind of mean... that's how wicked parents are. They love their kids crazy, but they also want them to laugh, not only smile but laugh. They don't like a quiet child because they think a silent child is a bore and there is something wrong. They try to make their children laugh, laugh so hard they forget their miseries. Laughter can diffuse all tension and lighten any awkward situation. Laughter is not the best medicine for anything, it is best medicine to forget, to only remember the laughter, not the joke.

That's the gift she would give to her children, the boy or the girl whatever, preferably both. And she will make them laugh, laugh so hard that they will cry, and if they do they will laugh even more. She will take care of them, tickle them, tease them, make them angry, bug them, irritate them, so they are always charged and busy with her. They remember her for all the Times they had fun even if it meant the Times she was wicked to them. Sometimes tickle them so hard the child looses his breath or to poke his finger in the flame on her own, when the kid keeps scaring her by playing with the flame or the mother who hung her son from the stairs when he tried to scare that he will jump off if she didn't give in to his demands. And she told him go ahead only to catch him and hang him to scare him in return. He never did this tantrum again. A lesson well taught. This will show them, who is the boss. Wicked parents, that's how they work.
Which mother would abuse her own children when they forget to get ice cream for her. And not any abuse the mother child, missing father types. A lesson taught by letting them face consequences and then rub it in their face. You don't make bigger mistakes if you train your kids with punishment from small mistakes. Sorry only so much help that they can fly without holding your hand. You leave their hand so they can fly high and higher. Mothers who are always nice to their children make them too naive to face meanness of people and life. So train them for the worse.

Not so ideal mother. Not like the filmy ones who made gajar ka halwa and garama garam roti. She never thought her children were getting weak for not eating properly. Infact she told them to eat less but properly and lose some weight. 

She cooked even though she hated cooking. But the kids now wicked themselves are getting there revenge back. She wouldn't cook but for her wicked lot. She hid her favorite foods from her children to avoid sharing or it will get over earlier. My Nani's awesome gajar ki barfi was kept in the top shelf of her cupboard locked away. But I could climb Mom and figured its ok to take it hiding if the other person is not giving your fair share. Mummy doubted me and did confront me at times. But it was never a big showdown because she knew she started this wicked fight, she was being mean first. Oh Mom.
And my Mom can fight too, she fought for my brother with that neighboring aunty. Though she didn't fight for me with that aunt who behaved badly wiih me. But she came to be with me, to support me, to comfort me, to take my ownership for my 20th Birthday when I wanted to party with the boys. You see, she never allowed me to party with the Boys because wicked Girls have their shortcomings. They shouldn't be allowed to party much, they can be really wicked and life of the party. keep her busy and away. She had quiet a tipsy turvy daughter... and she knew it very well.

Finally a Happy women's day Mummy. You are my most favorite women in the entire while world, more than Bademummy (grandmom), more than my friends and sister in laws, even more than my mother in law. You would always be more special. You are more interesting than anything in TV, more busy than PM of India, you are the most quintenssential drama queen and only thing you suffer from is LACK OF OCCUPATION like in my bro's words...My wicked brothers.
Mummy you are the biggest drama queen I know, busier than the PM of India, most talkative in fact more interesting than anything on TV, and suffering from LACK OF OCCUPATION  like my wicked Bro puts it. Yes Mom you are adorably cute but wickedly irritating. Happy women's day to you!!

And don't beat yourself girls. It's ok to be wicked mothers too. See I grew up just fine, wicked fine, crazy fine... and I am lots of fun... I have been trained by the best in the wicked business, and that's what I am proud of... 
Mummy a line for you -
My Mom is all about a good laugh, ha ha hi hi hoo hoo....

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