April 13, 2013

Mandawi : Scooter rickshaw, kite seller, citygate, chabootra, Osho aur Gujarati thaali

Everybody sees the landmarks when on holiday, but one thing that makes the Holidays really different and memorable is the walk around the quaint towns. All towns big n small have a history and it can be discovered only on foot and thru the stories of the locals.

Old houses with metal and wooden carvings hide a history which no one would ever write about but it will be what did make the town, its history, its people and their lives. On our recent trip to see the Vijay Vilas Palace we also got a glimpse of the calm small town of Mandawi and its cuisine. One of the locals told us about the very famous place Osho and its delicious and unlimited Gujarati Thaali. What more could we ask with grumbling stomachs and starving eyes we went around exploring the town and searching for the place. The place Osho is actually named after the Guru Osho and is visited by tourists, in and out of townees  Its being run by owners son who is maintaining his Dad's tradition and still serves pure vegetarian unlimited Thaali at Rs 90.

You can very well ask anyone on the street about Osho and they shall guide you exactly where it is. Being a Sunday noon the roads were quiet empty and Bazaar wore a slumber look. We drove down easily and parked our car on the approach road from where we needed to walk down. 

That is where we found this local Scooter rickshaw. This sure is a landmark thing to see when in this region. 

The big city gate with a chabootra on top reminded us of the one time magnificent history and elegance of this place. These walls, paths and the birds must be witness to the glorious history and grandeur of yesteryear.
Osho was on the first floor of a dilapidated building but the queue waiting for their turn to eat was a guarantee for the quality and name of the place.
Outside Osho was a Kite shop of this man. He carried such amazing collection of kites with birds, animals, cartoons and Bollywood images. There were all shapes and sizes and colors of kites and manja. He very cutely posed for me with his kites. Gujarat is definitely the place for building and flying your kite collection. I picked 5-6 for my own collection.
Finally bidding adieu to this place. A very short visit but something I will always remember.. 

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