March 19, 2013

Vijay Vilas: A Summer Home

Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandavi was built in 1929 as a Summer Home for the then Yuvraj Vijayrajji. Vilas as a word refers to fun and frolicking, which in the earlier times was a luxury meant for the royals only. Over times the word ‘Vilas’ earned a negative connotation and became synonymous with frivolous and expensive. India became a Republic in 1948 thus ending the of era of royalty and Vilas, but this also meant that the royal heritage was now available to the common man. He could enter the parlor of kings as a tourist rather than as a subject.

Despite the history, I am thankful to the royalty for the contribution to our heritage and architecture.
 It has two floors and a terrace decorated with windows, canopies, murals, and artistic stone work, carvings, and jail work. It was extensively used for the shooting of ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. It has a central living room and dining area with a passage running around all 4 corners with multiple entries, exits and windows around.
The palace has been preserved well and looks aesthetic and classy from all angles.
The place has been kept ready to entertain showing the glimpse of times when it would have welcomes and entertained the Kutch rulers and their guests.
A colorful hand painted map of Kutch decorates the wall outside. Next to it is the door hanging to its hinges covering what is left of what used to be a lift to carry people up and down.
The spiral stone staircase leads to you to the first floor where the carved interior walls of huge canopies and glazed windows provide a cooling effect even on a harsh sunny day.
Further a metal staircase leads you to the terrace where extensive chhatris of all sizes decorate and adorn the palace giving it the grandeur and beauty fit for a royal home. 
To the Indian heritage and architecture..
Vilas and Alas...


Gowtham Kg said...

the palace looks amazing..!

Neha Gupta said...

Yes Gowtham. infact the latest film Commando has its song 'Saawan Bairi' shot there..

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