December 9, 2011

Home Tour III: Window to Window

The final and the last part of the Home Tour...
it starts from a window and ends at a window and
all the pretty things in between..

A quiet study.. something gives me a feeling an old classy literature piece
 could have been written here

The boiler for the room and for the kettle

The perfect day bed for a lazy afternoon siesta

A table for a lonely woman to sit around and knit or
a group of men playing rummy on a sunny and lazy afternoon

I love this bedside piece.. very tribal

a cosy corner for those cold chilly nights

another corner.. perfect for a retirement of pondering..
I love the lived in look in all these pictures...
make them so real and yet mysterious...

blush blush ...
forgive me for showing some one's bathroom on a public blog..
 but it was so classy I couldn't resist.
 The flooring, the design and everything
 was made himself by the person who lives here...

I will always hunt down a book shelf wherever I go...

Tell me 3 things you love in this picture.. let me guess..
the awesome antique clock
the brass jar with moon and star
the brass lamp..
all the things go together perfectly to make this picture.

and finally this little window standing out in all the darkness...

I am done with this Home Tour
Took me 3 different posts and almost 3 weeks...

Now am wondering what should be the next post...

<<Copyright: all pictures clicked by me>>

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