February 13, 2017

Trunk Calls


Trunk calls

Remember your childhood trunk calls to family and relatives around the world. From Mumbai to Los Angles the relatives stayed far and you booked those special call post 9 pm when the rates were slashed. The rates in the night are less then why we don't talk late into the night. Why we don't talk love and dreams into the phone. 

This is the time when USA day matched the India night. I have seen most of my childhood the weekly or sometimes monthly calls to USA. The expensive conversation in the loud mode as if the person is not on the phone but at the next house. 

The entire house was called loudly screaming each other's name to get In Line to chat with Bua ji. The joy of queing to talk on the phone no someone far away. 

The booking of the call and the call back and you feel lucky to get that. The men pointing out that time is moving and to talk fast especially to women who can't talk anything worth. My dad still has that habit and I tell him Pa the times have changed, it's not all about cost but his generation would never change. 

Trunk calls were an event in itself where everyone gathered to say hello to someone. This of course for love and family. I don't remember any conversations but I can tell you that trunk calls are part of my nostalgia. All good memories from the vintage times! 


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