September 11, 2016

Singing and Dancing on the Streets

Top 7 Street Songs 

The craze of streets is much before the world of Google and Pokemon. There is a song for every thing, even streets. These top street songs will turn any street to a dance floor! Play on! 

Kabhi linking road 
This has to top my list with the mention of probably all the famous streets of erstwhile Bombay, this song is a street lovers dream. It's romantic, it's cute and also informative. It's like a running advertisement of google maps. 
Kabhi linking road, kabhi warden road
Kabhi cadell road, kabhi pedal road

Kabhi berey road, kabhi parley road
Kabhi mira road, gorbander road

Dunkin road, lamington road
Cadell road, kabhi pedal road
Churney road, kabhi arthur road
Turner road, kabhi carter road.

Tap tap tapori
With streets comes the roaming and with roaming comes the Romeo. So a Romeo song is important, with Tap Tap Tapori rocking the charts. Youth is a phase when all go round and round the streets, to find a purpose in life, and when you do that honk your horn and sing tap tap tapori! 

Street dancer 
What can be more street song than one which has 'street in its lyrics, and in the main line. This got to be on this list. It's hard not to break into a dance, on this song. The energy and the coolness is so Bollywood 80s, my Favorite kinds. 

Hindi sadak - English street, tamatar - tomato. Same same
The movie and song talks about the life on the street, which is what street wala does too. While we know that a street has its underbelly but we cover only the happy side of it. 

Patakha Guddi 
Jugni, patakha, Guddi - the symbolic representation of a nomadic and spirited woman on a trip of life. Just open the window and feel the wind in your hair with this song, and all the troubles of your life will fly away as you move ahead! 

So gaya ye jahaan, So Gaya hai rasta 
The soft humming movement of the car sings a lullaby to you with this song. On so many night trips this song has helped me realise how life is  a journey and not a destination. 

Staying alive  
Are you wondering why does this song feature here. One can never forget the sight of, John Travolta strutting on the street to the sound of Staying Alive. that's how you walk on the street. That walk was nothing less than a street dance. 

Aren't we all a little street lovers. Life is what but a long long street and all you can do is sing and dance as you move along  🛣

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