November 29, 2015

TraveLearn - Travel and Learn

makes a person of variety, 
makes you experience, 
makes one accept differences, 
makes you realise that people are not equal but more than equal, 
makes one wiser and understanding,
makes one at peace with all.
Only if there was no need for belonging, we would all be Mavericks...

The desire to see the world comes with the desire to learn from it. 

When you visit nature you see hills, rivers, skies, snow, winds, beaches, seas, oceans, borders, countries, landscapes, seasons, the flora, fauna and the food! You learn geography and biology. 

On those walks to the down town, old square, forts, castles, temples, churches, mosques, bazaar, alleys, festivals, Listening to the hearsay, folk tales and myths. You learn history. 

The dynamics of maps, time, distance, currencies, counting, budgeting, professions, supply- demand, buy-sell, business, economy, money both making and spending. You learn finance and maths.  

More you travel more you observe, talk, listen, articulate, gesticulate, expressions, signs, words, sentences, conversations, write... This is when you learn Languages, as many as you want, No limits. 

The culture, the laws, the traditions, the lifestyles, the behaviours, the politics, the personalities, the religion, the family, the friendships. You learn Civics, philosophy, political science, even moral science. 

Visits to farms, vineyards, orchards, forests, geysers, thermal parks, underground mines, import export, logistics, Chinese factories, German engineering, Arabic oil reserves, and natural resources. You learn agriculture, horticulture, chemistry, engineering, mechanical, technology and all the handi crafts. 

Whatever you want to learn, there is a place to travel to. There is no need for school, teachers and education system. All you need is the sky, feet and eyes, the learning will follow. I believe instead of 17 years of education each student should travel the world to learn. Nature is a great teacher and traveling is a great medium. 


lively lawry said...

Hey August Neha,
Travelearn! wow! i am really amazed by your thoughts on learning through travel. do think of sharing some of your experiences for our offbeat travel section -

Neha said...

Thanks Lawry! So happy that you liked the blog. Let's discuss how we can take it fwd.

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