September 14, 2015

Postcard from Jin Li

A walk thru history
An ancient streetwalk 

A social fair
A tourist street

A crowded alley 
A cultural potpourri

A folk by lane
The real China Town 
Jin li the oldest street in Chengdu is located at the heart of the city. Buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties can be seen everywhere on this street, giving it the ancient and classical feeling.

It's sublime to walk a street and explore its nook and corners, it's buildings, it's architecture, all the buzzing life, a hidden alley, a bridge, a historic gate and a brick road
These are the things I love about streetwalk. 

The representation of folk life in the earlier times...

And the pretty lotuses growing in the water under the bridge 

The cultural handicrafts of China are available for the curious tourists - pinched clay figurines, leather shadow puppets, bark paintings and sugar structures. 

Knick knacks make for great keepsakes to take back. 

You can watch them being created or buy them as per your taste or decor. 

A variety of Sichuan snacks are served there with characteristics of the Three Kingdoms and Chuangxi culture - CafĂ©, specialty stores, restaurants, bars and pubs, demonstrating Jinli as a special folk-customs commercial street. I am a vegetarian so couldn't try the food but sweets and candies are available for everyone's delight. 

The symbols of people's beliefs and traditions hold a special place on this street. Tie a prayer to this tree! 

For all you vintage lovers, enjoy the various flavours of yesteryears 

Take a ride on the buggy, 

Send a post card to your home town, marking your travel experiences. This is the post card from Jin Li. 

Mark it on Google maps
231, Wuhou Temple Main Street, Chengdu 

Till next time, rainbows and windmills to you! 

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