August 14, 2015


What does filigree remind you of?
What lights, it holds?
What sights, it hides?
Many of course...

A past 

The past of forts and mansions where one world was on the street and the other behind the filigree. The woman who watched the outside world from the protection and elegance of a filigree. 

A Window

A window to a sky full of dreams and possibilities, calling the restless souls to take a flight! 

A passage
A passage of time, the voices of the past, the waiting eyes, the fingers resting in the gaps, the creases on forehead, waiting for someone, for a long long time...

A View

The beautiful view of a world so different, a world which is to be explored, to be discovered and to be seen... 

A pattern
The delicate designs, the criss cross, the checks, the flowers, the petals, the 9 by 11, the maths and the art, the pattern and the square.

The suncatcher
The filtering light and the play of shadow. A different view for every Pahar, the morning, the evening, the sun light and the moon light... 

See - Unsee

You can see and be unseen. You can show and hide. You can talk and listen. You can be and not be. 

A silhouette 

A shape, a picture, a profile, a light, a side, a shadow, a Peek-a-boo! 


Anupam Mathur said...

Beautiful is a lesser known word for this blog. It takes you back in time for a minute.

Archana Kapoor said...

lovely :-)
Cheers, Archana -

Indrani said...

Such intricate work. Great pics.

Neha said...

You have always appreciated and that too with the right words. You will be glad to know Most of these pictures are from your home state Rajasthan

Neha said...

Indrani, it's a feast to walk around admiring the art. Such a sad state that no one invests in beauty too much

Neha said...

Thanks for stopping by Archana

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