May 31, 2015

Under the Staircase

A Travel story from Nelson, New Zealand 

On our trip to New Zealand I was being home sick particularly. The safety and warmth of home rather than cold strange beds day after day. I enjoy holidays beginning and the end. The middle bothers me a little. Any how on one such evenings when all shops closed at 4 even though we had just landed, we managed a warm meal with some vine and started walking around the city with all shut doors and empty streets. It made me sad to see empty roads. I love the feel of empty roads but they depress me with their silence. We even watched a movie to kill time which we would have never watched otherwise.  And then slipped into our beds deep in sleep but cosy with each other. 

As I was sleeping I knew I was sleeping but something was hammering in my ears pulling me out of my dream into a dark incomprehensible state to wanting me to see reality. I wanted to sleep so I was pushing the disturbances away. Finally I felt that someone is calling me to come run hurry but now. And I thought it was Him and I woke up and heard the siren blaring. Fire Fire this is fire sign. I bounced and laid on my hands and heard it loud and clear and I patted him hard ( otherwise he won't wake up) and said fire run run. And we left everything but my purse with our cash and passport. Yes I was the careful one. Practical you see. I wore my warm clothes hurriedly before we ran out and down the stairs and assembled outside to figure the fire and run in opposite direction. I briefly thought of my travel insurance and wondered if it would cover all that's about to happen. 
We stood outside the wooden two story hut where our room was on first floor - a double bedroom with shared bathroom in a youth hostel. There were two guys we who were running about to figure out the fire and end it. Fireman types big burly guys but they were probably the managers. Then one of them walks in to the wooden hut and looks at the space under the stories. Was it the source of fire. Of may be the geyser or heating equipment short circuited and caused the smoke and fire. Now I noticed There was smoke coming out of the corners of the door under the staircase. The guy opens it and a man is sitting immersed in the smoke and he gets up reaches out for the door and closes it. We all relax. It was nothing. Haa we relaxed. The manager was at ease. Urging us to go back to our rooms. We do but not without a look at that mysterious door. I got inside the layer of sheets and quilts and Asked Him if the guy would be asked to leave. He said "don't know.". I said " what do you think!" He said " may be" 

And such travel stories remain with you. They don't have an end they just happen and you remember to tell and share. 

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