April 10, 2015


Fawad Khan!!

Come on don't tell me all woman have one or many heartthrobs, whether teens or aunties. Bollywood Aur cricket sab heartthrobs se hi chalti hai. 

The guy who melts your heart and makes you blush. When he runs around the trees with the girl, you imagine it's you. When he serenades or praises the girl it's you who feels shy. When he smiles your heart skips a beat. He gives you palpitations, hiccups, and blows the wind in your hair. Latest heartthrob that's what it is. 

I have had one and many. Fawad Khan is the latest. His twisted smile and his sleepy eyes. Hai Allah!! Too much! I watched Zindagi Gulzar Hai back to back on YouTube even with their horrible long advertisements. More bugging than TV also because you can't change channels when its buffering and that new one will start with advertisement. Bugging!! And would you believe, I fly so much to Dubai but I never get to see him. My husband flew first time and he saw FAwad!! How unfair? 

My heartthrob for the longest time has been Akshay Kumar. Still is! He has the most awesome jaw line and looks. I adore him from his first film Sindhoor. Apparently it's very popular on old bollywood movie channels and I still watch it every time it place. It's so lame that it's like cult. All the kids of my generation has seen it but we don't talk about it. But he was so awesomely dishy in Hum ko Dewwana Kar gaye and Namaste London. He and Katrina look so good. My husband's favourite you see. 

Then I had crush on Akshay Khanna for a good time. He was cute in his own way. That square jaw. What's with me and men's jaw! Anyways that was a good phase, nice and simple guy, you can take home to. But when everybody starting saying he resembles my big brother, I detested the idea itself. 

The other consistent heartthrob has been Rahul Dravid. He is this good boy you can settle down with. Though I was very heartbroken the day he got married. Means I was prettier than his wife and as unmarried as anyone could be. Anyways that's what you get if you hit a WALL. Dead end! 

Before Dravid I had a phase when I was 15 and had a crush on Ajay Jadeja. Me and my friend sat amongst thousands at Mohali cricket stadium to catch his one glimpse and if lucky have him to find us. But after he did that scandal, a part of me broke up with him. He broke my trust you see - to be a nice honest good looking boy. All girls want that. 

There are three guys list who I am allowed formally by my husband to sleep outside marriage. Well I won't name them and it doesn't matter because he knows and I know it's never going to happen.  He also has one and you can guess who!! lol rofl !!

Well that's what heartthrobs are made of. They are made of fantasies, they are made of dreams, they are made of hopes!! 

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