March 16, 2015

Keepsaking Luminanza

Keepsakewala is a personal blog about collecting and keepsaking. Very rarely one comes across something which reminds you of the charm of the old vintage world. This is what I felt about Luminanza ( . An online set up which sells jewelery and just not only any jewelery but vintage, classy and elegant to the core. 

Each piece of there's is unique and stylish, liked by ladies or girls. It goes with the new girl look which is delicate as well as classy. Just like Audrey Hepburn. Yes they have Audrey Hepburn themed vintage tin boxes. There are vintage tin boxes in shapes of houses and bags. And for a price it's a steal. 

There are pendants, rings, studs, those of glass globe with images straight out of a vintage english garden - sparrows, typewriters, little girls and boho ladies. You can also try the delicate hand and foot chains that go perfect with anything - Indian or western. You can feel that each piece has been carefully crafted to be worn by someone with a free spirit. 

That's not all there are watches, shades, book marks, necklaces and what not. You have to watch it to believe it! 

And if you are a literary buff they keep something for you to treasure for ever. Arven's even star from LOTR, snitch and deathly hallows pendent from Harry Potter, Bravossi coin or stark/ Lannister pendants from Game of Thrones. For all you fantasy lovers here is a souvenir from your favourite books. Collectors edition of course. 

And what did I buy.. Guess
 ta da here they are .. 

the reader and literate sparrow pendants for my book love and Hubble's view earrings. They sent me these pretty buttons as complimentary, a small gesture but such a very pretty one. 

This small luminous shop is definitely a keeper for all vintage lovers, and promotion or not I vouch for their collection being a buyer myself!! 

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Sujata said...

The word Harry Potter got my attention. Interesting find.

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