February 8, 2015


This pretty Tavern in New Zealand caught my attention. It's quirkiness coolness and coziness was just classy! 

Look at the bar counter!  The number plates add to the road trip counters! It's a fashion statement in itself.

The number plates are even used in the roof on wooden panels and add dare to a wooden roof. You are immediately transferred from Lord of the Rings based during truckers times. 

The life of truckers is chronicled in the most brilliant way. Their number tags. I tell you these truckers are not dabba trucks of India. They ride some  very mean machines and I shall blog about it later. Me and the Mean Machine!! 

The vintage artifacts collection on top shelf was quiet eclectic! Something collector over time and patience. Only a collector understand another collector!

But you can't touch anything. Because you are being watched. 

You visit a tavern and what's the first place you visit. Of course the toilet. And the pretty tavern had unisex toilets, they had girls and physical handicapped toilets separate too. 

And every bar has a distinct memorabilia- the bar mats. This tavern had the most legendary bar and bar man of Simpsons. 

The quirky Simpsons makes drinking cool in a family way!

The flags on the roof made this place a complete maverick. It invited the global travellers! The ones who are crossing one country after another. 

And me was more proud than anyone to find an Indian flag in an off road tavern between Queenstown and Franz Josef. 

The perfect place for a nice juice and cheese sandwich and then proceed further on another journey.

When the rest breaks become nostalgic, it means you are having an awesome journey. The bench is as important as the road!! 


Sujata said...

This is really unique and quirky. I really loved the photographs :) Thank you for providing people like me at home a window to a different world.

Neha said...

You feeling happy makes me so happy. We stopped there for just 20 mins for some food and in these mins I saw a different world somewhere one could live!!

Sujata said...

:) Twenty minutes . Wow in that time you got a feel of the place and furnished us with pictures and feelings. Way to go!

Neha said...

Realising beauty doesn't take time 😌

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