February 15, 2015

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Sometimes you see something on a picture, TV, book or magazine and you dream to visit. This is what happened when I saw Sodabottleopenerwala's promotional picture on Facebook and I had to visit it and Delhi was not far away. I landed one weekend on pretext of work and called my two friends to meet me at Sodabottleopenerwala at Gurgaon. And there it was - quirky and vintage Parsi doodle do! 

It's the typical look of a Bombay Irani Cafe. The bun maska and masala tea and jam biscuits and glass jars and check table covers and floor. It had it all!! Take a look around!!

The Bottle opener of course and what for Soda and who does it - the wala. keepsakewala anyways has a deep relationship with wala so Sodabottleopenerwala forms a special bond with Keepsakewala and Vintagewala too. 

Menu of the place was cherry on the cake. Back and front it caught your eye for sure.

Quirky Parsi food included it had typical Parsi stereotypical advertisement from Ambassador Car to Parsi Bride. 

The bill diary has its own quirky user guide to count money and pay. The way a Parsi does! 

Two definite qualities of the creators of this idea are - great sense of Humour and an eye for art in regular daily things. 

The glass work had Parsi vintage imagery from Bombay architecture to family pictures. 

Peer around and you see the classy furniture and subtle light works adding such glamor to the beautiful place.

See the Toy Train going around the roof of the room. You can't miss the child like heart of the designer and so simply executed. 

Even the toilet has a quirky edge to the normal with this fine equipment on display. 

The famous Parsi undergarments get their space on the window err wall. The Parsi Bawa is having his evening paua. The gallon keeper is surprising.

 I wasn't aware that Parsi sold by the gallons. And the famous carrom board (you remember Munna Bhai MBBS). 

Parsi cartoons take another wall adding more charm and quirk to the gorgeous well assorted place. 

The chalk boards add the European Street effect to the already beautiful cafe and street. 

The quotes and offers inviting one and all!!

And believe me they did serve some very neat alcohol!!

To create a Parsi haven in the middle of Concrete Gurgaon. Hats off to the creator. You see culture has its way to travel through thoughts and ideas floating. 

And life just become more worthwhile to live. 

The vintage Tin Tea Pots hang in one corner in a creative waterfall style. 

The Parsian glass star becomes a Suncatcher in one corner, filtering the beautiful sunlight in to a dark quirky old cafe. 

Marthbaan line the glass shelves and the black classy counter full of jam biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries,  pies, sweets and toffees. 

The Metal toys and glass lamps just complete the frame. 

The marble tops and wooden chairs call out to you. Bawa come in rest your bum, before getting back to work.

Sodabottleopenerwala for you!!! 

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