February 1, 2015

Cuban Streetwalk

The This morning let's take a walk in Cuban Street. We have already been there and around. But this time we watch the street. Not the architecture, nor the art. Just the street! 
A street has so much!! 



street singers, 

warm cafes,

sweet shops,





film posters, 


street signs, 

even a church, 

something for everything!

Street artists, singers, dancers and performers gather here to present their talent. You may like it, clap and reward or move by its your choice. Just like life. People you like, things you appreciate, principles you believe, continue to be part of life! 

After this beautiful Streetwalk, it's time to relax in a pretty place which serves some vine and some warm pasta. I tell you there is never a more perfect way to end the day!! 

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