February 1, 2015

Cuba Street

Cuba in NZ! The famous Cuban street of Wellington is a Streetwala's Haven. This street is a potpourri of art, culture and kitsch. 
The old world charm of a good life. Beautiful homes with beautiful people with beautiful lives.

I walk around and one house after another, one building after another, was one art work after another. 

One of those old streets with stories hidden in each book and corner.

The colors - subtle and elegant. 

One floor over another, one layer over another, of life and love. 

The cobbled streets, the brick streets, the side walks, the center arena, the colourful shops and the warm cafes. 

The yellow traffic poles compliment the classic architecture creating a pretty picture of a vintage street! 

A mix of home and commerce - a perfectly balanced or perfectly unbalanced. 

What a Street has to offer - it has to offer. No one knows how a street will evolve over time. 

Some become empty and lonely while others become crowded and vibrant. More attracts more and less attracts less. 
Just wondering who lives in such a pretty house. Does a girl sit there on the window ledge watching the town pass by? Does she watch the sun setting to a city come alive? Does she watch the sun rise to another city coming alive. 
Each city has two lives one which lives in the day and one that lives the night along with some in between lives. 

Hold on folks the Cuba Streetwalk is not over yet, in fact it's just starting!! 

Mark it on google maps:


Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

Beautiful photos.... :-)

Neha said...

Glad you liked them Maniparna. Can always count on words of appreciation from you.

The Untourists said...

What beautiful town. I am sure your stay must have been in a nice quaint little place...

Neha said...

That would have been lovely! But i did better by staying with my friends at their place right in the city centre just walking distance from Cuban Street!

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