February 1, 2015

Che on Cuba Street

Che Guavera akka Fidel has become the poster boy of Being Rebellious! And that gets extended to being cool and rocking. 

Anyone and everyone who knows or doesn't know Fidel has been exposed to the artistic interpretations of the revolutionary leader from NZ to India. 

You must be thinking what is Fidel doing at Keepsakewala. Let me refresh your memory with Streetwala's visit to Cuban Street! Talking of Cuba, Fidel can't be forgotten and this street is a living example with caricatures and portraits of Fidel everywhere. 

The artists get canvas here like nowhere else. 

From buildings to walls everything has an expression. 

Do you see the old man peek a boo between the two buildings. 
Green messages,
Social messages, 
 fun messages,
practical messages, 
abstract messages, 

It's an artists paradise! 

The walls are lined with colourful posters adding so much character to this street!! 

Each poster catches your attention. It may tear away in a week but another takes it places and carries forward the message beyond. 

When art meets commerce both are happy and so are we! 

A place which allows space to an artist is a place worth living. 
From frivolous

To serious

There is space for everyone and everything!

😝 Till next time!!

Mark it on google walk:


magiceye said...

Wonderful wall art, well captured!

Anjali Sengar said...

All pictures are amazing :)

Neha said...

Thanks magiceye- the entire city is full of art splashed on walls

Neha said...

Thanks Anjali for stopping by

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