December 25, 2014

Paradise Pink

This is the beautiful shade of lipstick that I found in my quest for that perfect shade of lips for me. And finally u found it. When I wear this I wear no make up. 

It's my real skin color it's so pink. You need to search for your perfect shade. Only last month from the same shop I discovered this shade I had bought disastrous two shades of nail paint which I don't like for that perfect cherry color nails. I had to buy this lipstick because I lost my last one on a family reunion. I had only one lipstick of this red color which was just ok ok. It worked sometimes and it failed sometimes. 

So I bought this pink at a quirk. It looked different and I almost bought another. But at a hunch took this one and rushed to payment and out before good sense prevailed on me. And I found myself with that prefect shade.

It is indeed, because friends have either complimented me on this shade of lipstick on FB or whatsapp and asked me the shade. I tell you it looks so gorgeous. 

Paradise Pink even the name is do delicious and beautiful. 

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