December 14, 2014

A blog is a part of me!!

Yes, a blog is a part of you. The part you want share with everybody, your music, your dance, your art, your talent, your space, your love, well that's what is a blog.

Storywala or Keepsakewala!! They both are a part of me. Story about Storywala and keepsakes about keepsakewala. The sub parts of Vintagewala featuring vintage, Streetwala featuring street walks,    They all are parts of me which I am willing to share and that's why I write. And lately I have had hobbies!! Hobbies that make me happy! Because that's the law of living - trying to stay happy. So blogging makes me happy and doing all these things and blogging about them too. But they could be anything - from Kalamwala that I would call my writing section within storywala (not Kalamkari). 

So blog away buddy and let the world hear your thoughts and words and pictures and stories and keepsakes!! It's a beautiful life which blogs about beautiful things!! 

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