November 25, 2014

Quirky KAPPA!!

Quirky shops, aren't they a place to imagine and feel the creativity. I found one at Auckland, New Zealand airport recently called KAPPA and you have to watch and experience what I am talking about. 
Ok we start with a bunch of fridge magnets. Don't they say the cutest and darnest things. Make great conversation starters indeed!!

How about these cute wooden miniatures especially the vans.

The wooden and metal clocks make great quirky too!!

This one is like a treasure hunt of quirky. Find out the max quirky items from wrapping paper to cushion covers, bags to name plates, and much more!!

And these sign boards with witty and wise comments - livening up your day and your home!!!

Three cages with paper birds!! Interesting window display!!! 

Wooden deer horns and animal cutouts. Clearly no animals were killed for this and they make a fascinating decor for a true animal lover!!

Aren't these tiny milk bottles with tea lights cute!!

And these awesome sun catchers and Christmas decor!!

Don't tell me you don't dream of a hot steaming kappa of tea or coffee in these adorable ceramics!!

And these cute adorable games of origami, alphabet stamps and harmonica!!

If you still believe in the old soulful postcard system then you must send these to your loved ones when in travel! It makes their day!!

Finally a signboard on conversations even if it is with a Dog!!

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