November 4, 2014

Chain Mails

Remember those days when people received emails from strangers across the world. On receiving it they were supposed to copy and send it further. This way your letter went further and further till you received it again. I was too young to write any and by the time I learnt to write. Chain mails stopped. They were not probably able to compete with emails. 

I used to love writing letters and did write to  a few friends. I wrote to mom and dad and other family during my hostel days because mom dad couldn't use emails till then. 

I also wrote letters to my brothers on rakhi since childhood. My cousins stayed away so every Rakhi I sent a letter along with it. Then when I moved away from home I sent letters to brothers galore - elders and juniors, later I added another rakhi brother. The rakhi tying business started in hostel. You make new relations in hostels sometimes which last a life time. 

But that old world letter writing had a Romanticism to it. Two years back I tried writing to a few friends and my mother but they never wrote back. 

Today I gave a Farewell Post card to two friends and they got so emotional. Probably the vintage part and when I say vintage,  it's childhood of 20 years back for us. Why should we be scared to get old isn't it that with age we collect memories and happy ones. Isn't that purpose of life to collect happy keepsakes. Just keep good memories and forget the rest. This keepsakewala is my open letter to you all. Hope it becomes a chain mail and sometimes i find my own words in recognition and emotional. 

Now I have a pen friend and we write constantly. May be once in two months. We also send books to each other. Though that's something we can avoid but it's ok because we both love books and receiving them. That's how our friendship evolved on goodreads over books. I think you meet your most sincere friends through common love for books. 

I missed the last day for telegram because of my own procrastination. But I am going to use my postcard and blue folding letter now for always. 

There is no better keepsake than a friends letter. If a friend can't take out time to remember you and share with you in any and every way, that's no friend. Good friends remember each other always and forever!!


Raghav Kumar said...

Hey! I follow your blog regularly. But I must admit, this Keepsakewala(post :P) is the best so far. Keep up the good work :)

Neha said...

Thanks so much Raghav for standing by! Am glad you share my nostalgia!! More of it coming soon

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