November 26, 2014

Candy wala

Candy has been an integral part of my childhood. I have relished all the quirky, sweet, salty, tangy, bitter, blasting and strong tastes of different candy.

As a kid my mother used to give me Re 1 sometimes to buy some candy. Even with that Re 1, I had a dilemma to buy 2 of fancy branded toffee or 4 standard local candies. The quantity won over quality and I grew up to have fine teeth still. 

From Orange Ravalgon to Pan Pasand, I gorged all and still do. For that Re 1, I bought 4 of milky sweet Candy from a small shopkeeper located on the corner of the street to our house in my small hometown. The shopkeepers name was Gunguna. It was a very unusual name. Being dumb so he spoke mostly in a humming sound and hence named Gunguna

Unlike other shopkeepers who adored us for being grand children of  a well respected man in the small town, he was kind of grumpy. He looked at us sternly ensuring to count the money and hand over exact toffees, never giving an extra to cute little kids. I felt he hated kids, probably because they teased him. He was the neighbourhood weirdo. I felt bad for him but was equally scared of him. 

From toffees I graduated to chocolates, cakes and other goodies but the childhood candies still are my favourite. So here I take you to the wonderful candy land that I found in Queenstown New Zealand - REMARKABLE SWEET SHOP. 

It's this cute and cosy candy ago tucked amongst other touristy and adventure activity outlets in Queenstown city centre. 

If you love candy, then you have so many options here that the sugar rush will hit the charts just by looking. 

Take a look candy candy everywhere and  you can have a many!!

The shop was manged by two young ladies who attended us in a sweet as a candy voice. 

It's as if I was transferred to a fairy candy land where everything was made of candy. 

Probably even the wooden shelves and stands were made of chocolate and you could take this huge chunk and eat away the shop. How greedy can I be!! 

Look at every corner it's full of candies, chocolates, fudge, sweets, mint, gums, lollies, creamy, caramely, pink, red, green, white, yellow, purple, cherry, strawberry, orangey, minty, pepper, salt and sugar. Full of sugar. Sugar is the sweetest thing in the world. 

Yes candies I love you. I do. I do. God watch over my weight while I love. 

Now is the time for a puzzle. The candy game in a tin box. Choose the prettiest of the lot. The tin box love is candy love multiples by two. I love them both. 

So choose 

Mario head shaped red 

Pacman game console yellow
The choice was tough but the unique shape of Pacman console won. I bought it. 

And I found this Gumball machine. It was big and expensive. Not what I wanted. But later I bought two other pieces from other shops - one vintage tin and one bubble pop. Too many loves at one go - tin wala , Vintage wala, candy wala, shopping wala, and just love wala. 

This remarkable shop was particularly known for its fudge. But with so many colors around chocolate color went hidden.

I wanted the most colourful candies and quirky toys with them. Like this gum squeezer thought I don't know it's technical name. So a temporary funky name. Like a pet name. 

So it's time to go because my candy love is one long story. Will carry on some other time. Finishing with a lemon soda!! Oh the vintage clock. Lovely!! 

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