October 30, 2014

Jukebox: Naughty Little Flea!!

Watch and hear on Youtube!

It's the numbering track of 'Half of a Yellow Sun' book turned into film on Niageria- Biafra conflict or do we say Nigerian civil war?

Lovely song - reminds you of the naughtiness of the 70s music, youthful, melodious and fun!! While the world was a mess, it was music that healed hearts. The song has a naughty but suave style, cute and sexy at the same time, playful and fun all together!!! A potpourri of so many tastes and cultures!!!

Music is the elixir. Take a lot of it! It's free!

LYRICS of this naughty little song:

Where did the naughty little flea go
Nobody know, nobody know
Where did the naughty little flea go
Nobody know, nobody know

A naughty flea he came to town
Started searching up and down
Looking for a place to nest
Where he can get some food and rest

He saw a lady round and fat
He smiled a smile and tipped his hat
He said oh yes I'm goin' have a ball
Man look at all that cholesterol

The naughty flea went to the beach
He saw such tasties in his reach
He said hurrah and thank you Lord
That's what I call a small guest bug

The naughty flea went to the zoo
Saw a skunk and bit him too
He bit him in the usual place
And said Holy Macro what a taste

Sum up friends well can you see
The big advantage of being a flea
Just remember what ever you do
That what you bite is what you chew

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