October 30, 2014

Clock Radio - General Electric

Clock Radio
Look: Walnut grain finish on Polystyrene 
Maker: General Electric
Made in Singapore
Model no: 7-4501D
Features: Radio and Clock with Wake to Music 
 60 Hertz
 8.5 Watts input
 120 Volts AC

General Electric was more generally in electronics than you knew. In India we know of GE mainly for bulbs and lights, and some firms in medical electronics and finance firms. I was astounded to see this radio playing at a throat tearing sounds in the Night Chatochak Market at Bangkok. (You can come with me to Chatochak from here: http://keepsakewala.blogspot.in/2013/06/charming-chatochak.html)

It definitely was a vintage piece but seemed in good and working condition. For a Vintagewala (vintage collector) it's a good as well as a bad news. Too good condition could mean either it's a fake or a really genuine pieces. Broken old vintage stuff can be brought as a decor but working one just takes it a notch higher! This radio had a working music but the clock didn't work. So it was not in all that great working condition after all.

So after a long consultation and justifications with my husband ( we both know we like it but we try to act all smart shoppers and consisting partners) and negotiation and emotional haggling with the shopkeeper, we bought it in all the money we had on us on that day. We could withdraw from an ATM nearby so we shamelessly bought it. And we packet it well to take with us back to India. It worked and we showed off to our fellow travellers. 

All the way back I was only thinking of the right place for GE Clock Radio. Once due to overuse it became hot and blasted to silence. I showed it to some local shops in Mumbai but they didn't do anything. So I carried it back and got it repaired for so cheap. He said in additional Rs 200 he could even connect a pen drive to play music directly. But it would spoil my vintage- just repair is fine brother. He must be thinking, silly girl hanging on to such an old radio trash. If he found out how much I paid for it. He might just electrify himself! 😂😈😋

All I thought was that this guy could have been a brilliant engineer but he is a jugadu in this local electric repair and black market in one of the sectors in Chandigarh. Equal opportunity is what we all need. Education, food, healthy, home, family and security. A must for all humans and nations. Self actualisation can be only attained after that. One day I will find a local engineer who can repair this clock also because all the IIT and tier I engineering students I know can hardly do any of this! 

So here is GE Clock Radio, and the story behind it. 

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