October 10, 2014

Chalkboard: Love notes

                        You and me,
                     Biscuit and Tea!
You and Me
Biscuit and Tea

You say, "Arre, yeh rhyming bhi!!"

Life is simple! We have everything we need!! If the cook doesn't come we can order a pizza. If no outside food then Maggie. For the perfect dessert we have Biscuit and Tea.

Life is simple! We have each other! We fight over food. We laugh over each other. We boo scare each other. We fight over the sheet and the space 😴on the bed. We give the last bite of food to each other. Because that will keep me pretty and the faithfulness lies in the second last bite. 

Life is simple! We know each other! We complete each other's sentences. We know something and still keep discovering new. We fight over newspaper and navigation and driving. We discuss trivia and stuff we don't know much about. We can read the silences and can silence the noises. We hear when you sleep in your talk. 

Life is simple! We trust each other! We lie about small things like reasons for being late and how I was busy and sometimes just easy lies to avoid fights. We blame each other for a bad choice or any wrong decision. Sometimes for making it and sometime for not stopping to make it....

Love notes!!!

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