October 21, 2014

Andeman, The Island Beauty

White sands, green mangroves, blue sky and bluer sea!!

 Andeman is the hidden protected festival of vibrant colourful flora and fauna! 

Havelock!! See the jungles, where animals and fish lurk free far from human habitation. A place for them to be! 

The clear and wavy Radhanagar beach or the rocky green beach no 3. 

We stayed at this cute hut!! Isn't it gorgeous!! Just next to the beach - the sound of the sea waves is always in the background wherever you go in Andemans. 

Rose Island is a previous army station with historic monument sightseeing and army operational. I don't say army or navy is easy job but being posted at Andeman makes it more admirable. 

See the trees, the roots, the branches, the veins, the walls, the crawling, the growing, the stories that must have happened here, the eyes that watched them happening, the walls that talk, the trees that hear!! The stories that need to be told. 

Yes peacocks play in open over here with deers too. What a work place!!

You can feel the history calling out to you in this beautiful place where once the British lived a very pretty life. They too are my history though they didn't ever belong the way I do to my country! 
These corridors and the mornings and the evenings and the rains spent in their shade. The red terracotta which smelled like beautiful red earth with the fall of rains!!! 

The beautiful surreal, Andeman!! 


Moni Phukan said...

Andeman Nicober islands , paradise on earth..
I find it funny this island was made to become a jail by the Brits. Unlucky thing the inmate could not really enjoy being there.
Have heard of a few sneaking out in the beach though!

Neha said...

Yes the Kalapaani is anything but black waters! It's beautiful and any signs of British tyranny are long gone or turned into national monuments!!

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