September 17, 2014

Vintage Baggage

As much as I resent the thought of carrying past baggages, there is something about vintage bags that makes it worthwhile. What you see here is a leather bag belonging to my mother. Take a guess, how old this one is. 
You can only assume how particular she must be about her possessions given that this handbag is in shape even after usage of three decades. Yes dearies, 3 big long decades. Bringing you this lovely hand bag with trio of dancing ladies - one for each decade probably. The braided handles add to the style. 

I have no idea what brand it is but it has been used extensively by my mother and now me. One would notice the outdated and not so smooth zippers in the multiple pockets inside. How thoughtful of the bag designer because these pockets are just perfect to carry mobile phones, the guy was definitely a visionary. 

I cherish it and love it because it has my moms handprints and smells of her cupboard. Must say this is one precious inheritance - quirky, stylish and practical.  


Anupam Mathur said...

Very personal and sweet

Neha said...

I knew you will understand. Thanks

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