September 13, 2014


Celebration, jubilation and nostalgia. This is what this song reminds me of. The old memories play in my head in a quick sequence of pictures with this song at the background. Abba is all about  joy, hope and happiness, the nostalgia, the keepsake. 

Here are two moments from my favourite sitcoms which show the essence of this song beautifully and the nostalgia of it!

That 70s Show
The small victories, school events, college fests, the dances, the get togethers, the groups and the gossip. The first dance, the first proposal, the first rose, the first revolution, the victory against authority, the escapes, the adventures, the hidings, the fears of being caught, the dates, the movies, the dark theatre halls, the corner seats, the budget cash, the touching of hands, the interval popcorn, the ride back home, the jerks on applying breaks to the bike, the rhythmic movement of the tuktuk, the deadlines of entering, the always getting late, the difficult hurried goodbyes with a promise to meet tomorrow, the late night calls, the long chats, the never ending conversations, the silences, the sleeping on the phone, the snoring some times, the watching sunrise together, the obligatory goodbyes but not keeping the phone, the last power sleep before rushing to daily tasks. The sleepy freshness of love, others can see but only you can feel. Yes this song reminds me of first love, of youth, of celebration, of life. 

Malcolm In the Middle

The second one reminds me of my grandmother. The games we played sometimes cards Patte pe Patta or sweep, sometimes just make them up. She couldn't dance and walked with support. She had knee replacement surgery but she so full of life. The family matriarch she ruled the house well, had full control of everything, she decided and instructed, the rooms were clean and the sheets were in place. The boxes were full and there were sweet treats for all the grandchildren when they came hosting. She had a store full, of god knows what, from old cloth remains, metal utensils, wedding trousseau and all sorts of knick knacks. There was some jewelery but she hardly wore. The gold rings in her tiny hands, she gave to me on asking only once. My baby hands bigger than tiny hers, fitting only in my smallest finger. I was careless and left it at the sink always. She found it and scolded me, but gave it back to me later. She made dresses for my dolls on her old rickety sewing machine. But I grew up too much and started spending time with my friends instead. I didn't play with dolls anymore. I came to visit her during my holidays, she told me she would complain to my dad as I was spending too much time with my friends on phone or roaming about. I got angry and called my mom to take me from her home. This was the last time I met her. I loved her so but was too angry to say it. I knew this shall pass and we will be friends again. She was heartbroken but didn't say anything. All she wanted was to spend time with me. That night she had a heart attack and died. I miss you and I love you so much Bade Mummy !! I am so sorry Bade Mummy. 

Hear Fernando here,

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