August 8, 2014

Munnar Art Tour

Wecome to Munnar. The land of tea and spices.  

Hellos people, I am Deepthi. I will take you thru a quick Art tour of Munnar. We a small town you see, so small small things and small small art but we have big hills, big forests and of course big hearts. 

And of course the handicrafts, of course hand made things are better than any machine can make. The magic of hands for home, food and mind. 

You must drink the garden fresh tea, straight from the hills, no factory stuff, pure nature.

And of course jewellery, we must be the only state in the world with maximum jewelery hoardings. Big business here. After all a daughter is wed in the finest jewelery - our honor, our pride depends on it. Chehhh! no dowry sir, only love and blessing as much as we can!!

And do visit God too. Foreign or domestic, religious tourism is a big thing. The kind of art and artefacts found here is probably the best and the most preserved. The humble artists give their best to showcase Gods. 

Welcome to Munnar dearies!! You just saw the Street art scene at Munnar. All these small paintings so innocently and purely depicting the simplicity of this town. Built over the hills it has only one Main Street with whatever little market. You will get from Paan to God here and everything in between. Does one really need anything more!!

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