July 4, 2014

Vintage Toys

A penchant for collecting vintage toys and gadgets is as much about childhood as being an adult. After salvaging and transporting most of my childhood play mates I am on a search for some exciting pieces which I never had or had but lost overtime. So here are some which I heart and wish to keepsake -

Pinball machine
Pinball machines from the miniature hand games to large public consoles. They have given tonnes of fun and laughter to young and old. So who can resist the charm of these interesting pieces of functional art pieces which you can play with at times. These are vintage pin ball machines from Apartment9 each worth  more than a lac. 

In the world of hi fi music systems, jukebox is no longer a source of music but more of a decor. They are big cumbersome pieces not suitable for small homes. But given a chance I would choose these over a TV, with music in the background I can achieve much more than couching with TV. This Wurlitzer  Jukebox is from Apartment9 at a killer price but true vintage for sure. I love the red yellow retro color combination with a bronze and steel rustic finish. 

Music Box
Small and sweet all music box reminds you of lullabies and the revolving toys over baby cots. The soothing sound reminds you of an era when music was not electronic but hands and machine. 

Gum Ball machine
Though not exactly a toy, this red color gum popping glass head machine has been fascinating me while growing up on a dose of American films and cartoons. This was not an an easy sight in India except probably some fun parks or carnivals.

Jack in the Box
Scary for some, fun for some, intriguing for me. I don't know why the popping bobbing Jack has made my eyes go wide with wonder every time it jumped out. The wound up and the lewd face of clown has been associated with more horror films than children’s films, but I still can’t wait to add it to my vintage toy collection. I heart it soooo much!!

Rocking Horse
The rocking horses have been rocked from one generation to another for more than a 1000 years now ridden by Kings as well as their subjects. This also could be the most popular accessory in children’s photographs of earlier times. My father has one, my brother and me too. Whatever the reason is, I am buying one soon from FabIndia and then coloring it all candy tones. I just can’t wait to get my hands on one!!

From rocking horses to rocking chairs Keepsakewala is collecting one and all. So write to me and share your treasures!!

Source: Good Homes, Apartment9, icollector.com, thisnext.com, rubylane.comliveauctioneers.com


Kokila Gupta said...

Great Post.. I love all things vintage... so your blog is pretty high on my list :)
Am following :)

Neha said...

Thanks Kokila, am glad you love my blog. It would be great to have you on my journey to score vintage!

Kokila Gupta said...

Hey,Neha I am following you already in your journey :) ...if you need some sunshine on a blue day...u know where to look :D
Happy Blogging,

Neha said...

Thanks so much for your warmth and love, Kokila!!

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