July 29, 2014

Tudor Autowind 303 - Camera

Photography is to Camera what Keepsake is to Vintage! 

Last time I shared Yashica 635<http://keepsakewala.blogspot.in/2014/07/all-things-vintage.html> which was a find from the streets. This time I am sharing a family hand down. Coming from the personal collection of a dear uncle who was an avid collector. He had an awesome collection of pens and stamps. After his death I could not salvage his pen collection but inherited the stamp collection and some old gadgets including Tudor Autowind 303. I wonder if I have inherited the vintage love genes from him because my Dad has no collectors hobby and my mom is more of a hoarder. 

The sleek plastic camera is super easy to handle and has a cute built-in flash. It proudly states 'TUDORMATIC AUTOWIND' as in automatic or self-winding and Tudor is a British camera films and paper brand established in 1944. Their logo Tuber Rose was a common sight in the high streets of Britain. From time to time they have dabbled into producing economical pocket cameras to go with their camera rolls. So given it's a 1980s product we can simply assume it to be as old as me. ;-) Vintage and loving it!! 

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