July 16, 2014

Mohammed Ali Road aur Pakwaan

Monsoon ki Baarish aur Ramzaan 
Mohammed Ali Road aur Pakwaan
A brilliant combo and a feast for the eyes, palette, heart and soul!!

The mosque at the entrance is lit up with bright green and yellow lights, welcoming you to the glory of Mohammed Ali Street.

There is food for everyone from delicious rogan gosht, bhuna mutton, and the list goes on for the non-vegetarians to allu bun, allu chaat, for vegetarians.

I personally had gone to satisfy my sweet tooth and wasn't disappointed at all - Mewa Jalebi, Phirni, Malpua, Sandal, Mewa Samosa, Khajoor and Seviya phirki, aaaahhhhh just awesome. I wished I had a few extra stomachs for a day to gorge on the sweets, and unfortunately it did come true, the curse of good food.

There are many famous Pakwaan shops in and around Mohammed Ali Road to taste a range of delicacies and pack some for your family back home. With no minimum limit you can order in small quantities and go for variety instead. If you go in larger groups, then more the merrier!! 

After you are done with food, you can pick up some knick knacks from the night flea market, offering kitchen handy items to bangles, caps, perfumes and massage oils, there is something for everyone. As a souvenir I bought 2 dozen plain glass bangles.

Finally, a glimpse of the night sky at Mohammed Ali Road, a potpourri of smoke from open tawa, fragrances of sumptuous food, and rain drops turning to steam, creating a perfect effect for a forever memory!!

Location: Google Maps or Mumbai Boss  


R Vyas said...

Lovely photographs and great post..I'm tempted..must plan a visit sometime ! :)

Ankur Anand said...

lovely photographs !

Neha said...

Thanks R Vyas and Ankur, its worth a visit!!

Vijay Nair said...

Mohammed ali road aka bhendi bazar is one of the fascinating destination of true Mumbaikars!! this glittering place gets more shine on the Chand Raat day.... anyhow I hv to make it on this 28th.... eager to wait my most fav place to rexplore....

well Neha keep it up... n nice blog indeed!!!

Neha said...

Thanks Vijay... we did discuss last that Bhendi bazaar is a must see, and during ramzaan the visit becomes more exciting.. the energy in the air is really infectious..

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