July 11, 2014

All things vintage - Yashica 635

Keepsakewala is slowly evolving from a potpourri of soulful memories, moments and mercies to an eclectic collector of antique, vintage and retro items. In case you are wondering, these are three different things.

Antique(>100 Years old) – Rule is Antique is older than 100 years. A relic or object of ancient times or a work of art, piece of furniture, or decorative object made at an earlier period and according to various customs laws at least 100 years ago.

Vintage (>20 years) - Rule is Vintage is older than 20 years. It's hard to know what style really defines an era until we are at least 20 years out of it, so for the term vintage to accurately apply, an item should be somewhat representational and recognizable as belonging to the era in which it was made.

Retro (Style) - Not necessarily old, Retro is just a step back in time referring to something for the past and often has some kind of nostalgic feeling about it. So now you know why it is called a Retro theme party and not an Antique or Vintage Party.
                            Yashica 635 

Yashica-635 is a double format film Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera made by Yashica and introduced in c.1958. Among collectors, 635 is more desirable than Yashica-D and can be found for around $50 - $200. (Source:camerapedia.wikia.comkyphoto.com). I found this piece in a dusty dingy dark corner of an old Oshiwara furniture shop. With all the wooden furniture piled around and tiny and broken trinkets and artifacts spread, it was sort of a personal feat to discover this vintage. If I must calculate  then this piece is more than 50 years old, and figures somewhere between an antique and a vintage.

It was a hard bargain and I am not sure if I won or lost. But whenever I hold this camera, I feel I have been thru a time machine. I wonder if I look up, I will be in a totally different decade, a whiff of deep old world smell mystifies me, the rich colored mahogany shelves and tall white domed roofs open up for me, and an iron spiral staircase waits to take me to the top, to show me the world as it was then. Hhhhaaahhhh!!

Been there and back now. Keepsakewala going forward will feature a series of vintage items, pictured or collected via family hand downs, travels, flea market trips, or just by chance. If you have any heirlooms or period toys, games, gadgets, dresses, jewelery, books or comics, posters, home decor, music records, pictures or just anything, then write to keepsakewala<mailto:neha.august@gmail.com> and we will feature your keepsake with the story behind it. After all what is life without some nostalgia!

Source: Definitions from various articles on google


Ankur Anand said...

wow .. seriously so vintage .. all the best for managing the series

Neha said...

Thanks Ankur, need all the support and encouragement as I go around searching and publishing the stories of these vintage keepsakes, and I am glad you would be watching!

Kokila Gupta said...

Seriously a nice post Neha ! Now i don't have to say- I love 'old' stuff any more i'll gracefully swish-swash among vintage,antique and retro.. Quite new !

Neha said...

Thanks Kokila... its not that simple anymore.. the older I get the older stuff i like. Irony right!!

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