June 23, 2014

Hampi Road Trip

When the journey is the destination, that's a road trip... National highways, state highways, unheard towns, tiny villages, lucky good roads, unlucky bad broken roads, the wind in the hair, the sun on head, the full moon nights, the starry skies, the hidden firefly, the windmills, the surprise lakes and ponds, the rivers and bridges. You observe everything on a road trip.

The Rocky Mountains, the ancient boulders carved from them, old temples hidden in the nooks and corners of the highways. They are not on tourist maps or heritage sites but you have been there. The squirrels, the bats, the snakes, the ant hills, and the monkeys who live in these ancient abandoned places. You explore everything on a road trip.  

The chicken that cross the road, the rabbit that hopped on, the crowds of cows and goats blocking the roads. The old scary banyan trees, the colourful Gulmohar trees, the watermelons, sunflowers, papayas, palms and coconuts to the vibrant varieties of cacti. You see everything on a road trip.

The misadventures with google maps, the speed-distance-time analysis, the tea breaks, the toll roads, the truck shayari, the spontaneous games to time pass, the fight over music choice, the smiling bye of local kids. You experience everything on a road trip. 


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