March 24, 2014

Wall Art

Art is not what one finds only in Museums or Galleries. Art is the day to day representation of life, desires, dreams, passion, ideas, opinions, feelings and everything under the sun which can be given a shape, form, voice or expresssion.
An ordinary artist from the back alleys of the city, what is he thinking when he comes forward and creates something on that wall? Is it to make a strong statement? A sales pitch? Or just plain DOODLE... All these artists or advertisers, they have a story to tell and here we explore some of these stories through the medium of art on wall…

Poch Rock, @ Bandra Reclaimation, Mumbai, India
A very popular piece and anybody who has been to Bandra would have seen this art work.
Calling the Rocking, street artists Poch & Rock!!
They have more, just google Poch & Rock.
Shadows @Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Shadows and colors.. an artist for sure.

Cartoon wall @Athens, Greece
Cute and simple. Not a statement but expression, yes.

Party Place @Innsbruck, Austria
A message for those who want to have fun. Get behind the blue door!!

Random Door @Prague, Europe
Scribbles or doodles!! Secret code!! ands of an angry neigbour!

Piazza @Florence, Europe
Definitely an art piece to show the vastness and depth of a beautiful Europear Piazza.

Obama @Innsbruck, Austria
Suited and Tied portrait, seems like a sign of respect by the artist.

Movie Poster - Lady Dabbang, @Mumbai, India
This one is just a plain poster, and not really ART!
I show this here, because this is what most of the Wall art in India has been reduced to!!
Hand painted film posters of yesteryears have been mostly eliminated by technology.
Some have bridged into kitsch, or variations of truck and modern art,
but most have been lost over the time.
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Ankur Anand said...

true .. art so much represent of life, desires, dreams , passion, ideas and all it feels so true .. whenever i sit to design be it the header of my blog or any graphic art ..

Neha said...

That's so true Ankur, art is in the mind of the creator, just the way beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...

Neha Sharma said...

Great Captures!

Neha said...

Thanks for visiting Neha

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