March 12, 2014

Nazarbatu, Totke and charms

Nazar batu, Totke or charms are those small tips or jugaad passed from one generation to another through word of mouth,  to another ear to a hand that executes. A small idea which has no relevance to your current problem whatsoever. A total irrational correlation, but somehow gives you a solace because someone else has tried and it worked for them.
Probably these charms do work on some superficial level. Like black voodoo dolls, scary masks, horse shoe, cow's tale piece or just gobhar (cow shit), to keep the devil away. It is kind of fun concept whoever came with it. Either a Brahmin who earned his bread by scaring people or an artist who earned his by creating these face masks and dolls. The sheer joy of making these masks, to create new characters, different from you, to let your face be another. The art of an artist.
The concept of Nazar batu as a keepsake has always been there in the form of voodoo - kala teeka, kajal, bindi, tabeez, Sacred Thread, Tilak, Mangalsutras, Rakhi, Kala prandha on vehicles, Rudrakh, Nimbu Mirch (Lemon Chilli), Namak Vaarna (to circle someone's head with Salt) and what not. Mothers, wives, sisters have come up with new and innovative ways to protect their husbands, children and grandchildren from the evil forces. A solid wall of FAITH to protect their loved ones.
I think I need to put kala teeka on my blog.... here....

Blayein bhi le loon... mere pyare
blog ki... super cute ho gaya hai... It's how I always wanted it to be, with an edgy humor which I like .It's become charming and that's how the charms work. Nazar na lag jaye kisiki...

Look at this poster which I found in a local jeweler's shop. Feed Roti to a dog, for the enemy to lose or give sugar and wheat mixture to ants to reduce loans, feed seeds to birds , to grow your business and feed grass to cow to removes any conflicts in home. It seems so ancient, no one keeps cows in their homes now and where to get a cow in a big concrete city with small spaces.
But now that I think about it, only recently I fed stale Roti to cow and some dogs, and since then our marital quarrels have been lesser. So could this be because of that simple unrelated act, which in a cosmic way helped 2+2 = 5.

I am totally blessed for having - my mother, father, Bade mummy, Nani, my Bhabhis and my friends who pray for me. Parents who pray for me and kiss my forehead with as much love as good wishes. In fact in Indian traditions to call someone with a Nick name is love too. Blessings for a good life, a long life lived well and to live even more. Because of the recent problems I was hoping my mom would do some Nazar Utarna, Mannat and Vrat (fasting). She has always done it for my father's success, our education, our marriages, family health and financial problems. Which I have disliked for being dragged to the temples and following all tedious rituals. But now I wanted her to do all this. What all we do to protect the people we love and the sheer joy of doing it. Probably this is the reason I keep the one and only annual fast of 'Karvachauth' for my husband's long life. Once an year, I dress up pretty, pray and starve myself with no water and food, waiting for the moon to come out with my Puja ka Thali.
Since childhood, holidays meant my father dragging all of us to all the known Hindu Holy Dhaam - Chintapurni,  Jawala Ji, Kangra Devi, Naina Devi, Vaishno Devi, Krishikesh, Haridwar, Kaidarnath, Badrinath, Amarnath, Tirupati, Salasar. These visits are also sort of Nazar batu, to pay homage to the big boss, who stays in our memories and wishes. God bless.
Remember in film Queen, Rani prays that if her marriage happens without any problems, she will come with her new husband Vijay for Vaishno Devi darshan... There is an aura in all these holy places, the passion and peace of Temple, Dargah, Mosque, Church or Gurudwara, it touches inside and renews one with a burst of energy and faith.


Most of these things, rational or irrational have been construed over time in the garb of religion, society, family and politics. They work for some and don't work for other. They are not fool proof and various elements influence to come together. Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Fengshui, are sciences too, based on mainly experiences and physical sciences. Any Science is actually made on assumptions, let's take Medical science which assumes good health with prevail if all body parts are complete and functioning well. But can you explain why so many people live and die in different scenarios. Why cancer impacts someone who never smoked or consumed alcohol. Same logic applies for these charms.

Beliefs such as not having facing mirrors in the house, not using dry flowers for decoration, entrance door of the house to be facing East, not to cut nails in the dark, not keeping Turtle as a pet inside the house. There is a logic or a point of origin behind them like Turtle is a water animal and its criminal to keep him locked inside the house, they should be free just like fish, crabs and other water creatures.

But then again I have my doubts on certain traditions like not visiting temple or watering plants during your periods. There would be some rational to whoever started it but it doesn't work anymore. Probably it's important to renew these traditions with changing times, place and lives.

In summary, I can only say, am ready to do anything and everything to my home happy and my loved ones safe. Anything to take Nazar off my house, our house, my life, our life and us.. together the life we made. Yes that's what I will do.

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Kokila Gupta said...

Hmmm........ Nice post.. Aapki posta nd aapke blog ko nazar na lage to buri nazar wale tera munh kala :) Lol... great post ..

Neha said...

Thanks Kokila....

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