March 7, 2014

Bench love

Always I have found benches very romantic. Benches symbolise waiting, like nothing else but they do it with so much love, so much patience, so much peace...
Just sitting in their corners calling the passers by to take some rest, catch some breath, probably a chat or even a nap... but they have also been important part of everyone's love stories, a place for lovers to meet discreetly in the public parks or places and watch that sunset together.
There must be so many stories these benches must be witness to, the signs of these stories unfolding in the chipped paint, in the loose plank, in the poking nail... I have traveled places and they all have something to tell... like these here


Waiting for someone, me too,
here next to this window,  
Come down! what are you doing there on the roof...

Beach side
@Koh Sumet
Simple joys of lazing in the courtyard.

Hmm so what would you choose the simple bench or go swing.
Under the tree
Difficult choice, take turns… if you please..

Spooky but with a burst of yellow...
Fairy Tale
if you stay, I can tell you some very scary stories…

Fairy tale forest bench...
the seven dwarfs are about to come and then let's make merry with food and vine…

Just an ordinary bench but in the cozy shade on this scorching day,
Now that's tempting...

Hill Trek

I was a tree once, but I still care,
try balance walking on me, it's fun

Trekking is fun and so is resting, come park yourself here and enjoy the view of hills 

while you wait for others to catch up... 
Getting old together
   Finally the bench of love, next to the beach, watching the sun set, or just the ocean waves clashing, 
and the feel of wind on your face, together forever...
That's how I would want to get old one day together with him, when I have lived my life to the fullest...
And there is a bench waiting for me somewhere...


Kokila Gupta said...

I found you after much effort after the Shilpa bindi post.I like everything about your blog right from the name!! What more I could say just tell me how to join? Am not able to join it... Love Kokila.
And do visit my space... and give some feedback to make it as awesome as yours :D

Neha said...

Thanks Kokila for your love... You can subscribe my blog by email.. or even Facebook page

I have visited your space and will talk to you, I can be reached on

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