January 28, 2014

Who killed Kalaghoda?

Skull head of CDs and electronic waste

2013 the year when the beloved Black Horse arr I mean Kala ghoda breathed its last. May it's soul rest in peace.

I pass my condolences to the admirers of Kalaghoda Art Festival, the most awaited and glorious festival in Mumbai. The  vision, creativity and art  at its best. 

Slowly over past few years it had shown symptoms of sickness. Well its not easy to be creative, you see. All the creativity and imagination can be overpowered  by populist themes and standard expectations. An idea  so original can be overused and misused to turn into a cliche. The lame art pieces, boring standard stalls, repetitive messages and themes - I wonder if this is how Kalaghoda was conceptualised years back. Mixing lame art with populist social messages on women empowerment, global warming and pollution - made it a mock show instead.

Now I will show you some pictures from 2013 Kalaghoda festival. I call them 'WHAT is THIS? series. 

Regret the crowds in each picture, it was worse than Kumbh Ka Mela there. Overall it was a thorough disappointment.
Last time it was something about AMBE-SE-DARR, see here
Last time a scooter was dressed as angel, see here

Cardboard Ghoda
Tik Tik Ghoda
Girl Trap
Hmmmm clicheeee
Seriously, is this art
What a waste!!
Fake food, pizza with jalebi - Fake art more like it
Blind Show
What was this!
Tin Crap
What is this?
Dabba wallas
Seriously, is this art
Again is this art
Looks like a stage prop of a forest scene
Some saving grace in the creative deptt
but what does it mean?
A Turtle!
What for?

Thread quins
What is this?
Tree of yesteryear Bollywood stars
What is this?
What is this?
Miniature buildings

Mummi -fied
Seems like a discarded decor item from a Hotel
Social Message on Driving
Pretty Lame
What is this
Boring and cliche
Ending with a CD ART too
Finally, a question to the organisers, were any of the items shown above CREATIVE or WORTH WATCHING. Most of them seemed to be discards from 'Best out of Waste' competition.


Indrani said...

Probably they could have organised it in a better way.

monideepa said...

Sad. It DOES look like the remnants of a 'best out of waste' show. Maybe its because art and culture and literature is too refined, requires too much intense effort, to create and to understand and appreciate.The masses no longer want to make that effort.

Neha Gupta said...

Agree... They could have done much better. Let's see how it's this year

Neha Gupta said...

Monideepa I like your take. Bring artistic creative is no easy job. With such amazing art and artists everywhere the art which gets the platform is so lame

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