December 6, 2013

Bitter Sweet Tales from the Indian Kitchen

A party at home, and the little boy curiously looked at the spread of food figuring what to eat.
His mother and other aunts surrounded him, offering their advise
"You should eat green vegetables, they are rich and nutritious." One said.
"Why don't you try Karela, it is so healthy!" another said.
"Oh Yes! It is so good that it doesn't go bad for days." Mother added.
The boy heard them all, crinkled his nose and replied
"Oh, it's so bad, that even fungus doesn't like it!"
The party burst into laughter.

Then this boy wrote the above joke to 'Readers Digest' and won his first ever prize money of Rs 250.
Now this boy has grown up, married and has come to love Karela (Bitter Guord)
and gets a little embarrassed to tell this joke to anyone.
Who is this boy? Well it's my husband.

We all have hated Karela as kids and have been forced by parents to eat,
only coming to love it as grown-ups.

My Mom's Karela Recipe coupled with his childhood anecdote makes for a great Story to tell.
Hence it was only obvious to package the deal in a pretty
Kitchen Poster
The sheer sweetness of the bitterness!!

Shhhh, it's a family secret..
So keep it safe, or your Karela will stay bitter.

And the credit to give shape and color to my visualization goes to
my friend Manishi from 'Creating Impressions'.
The poster captures true essence of traditional Indian Kitchen,
rich colors of Indian spices, the cutting, grating and frying,
Amchoor powder, Aam ka Achaar and the classic Martbaan

Very soon this baby is going up on
My Kitchen Wall!


Indrani said...

A nicely told story.

Neha Gupta said...

Thx Indrani

Nisha said...

Karela is my favourite & you've made a lovely story to for this. :-)

Neha Gupta said...

Hey Nisha, thanks. Be my guest and come home to treat on our mutual fav food

Kiran Acharya said...

Well written...I haven't started liking Karela yet. Maybe in the future I might.

Neha Gupta said...

Thx Kiran. Try this recipe may be you will start liking karela

Manishi said...

Thank u Neha!

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