November 9, 2013

Ha ha hi hi ho hoooo... Tickle me moooore

I just love this video. I never realized I could laugh so much on something again and again.I always thought funny is always the first time, next time it's plain boring. But not this video.

A baby is laughing at the sound of ripping paper. It's really nothing, but he is feeling kind of ticklish. He laughs in certain places like a mad fellow - the uncontrollable, breath taking natural laughter like I wish I could die laughing.

Being ticklish is such a blessing. That means you can laugh without a reason really. The more ticklish you are, the more laughter, not only yours but others. It's a scene to watch tickling others. I know so many people who are super ticklish, even if you make a hand or finger movement they start feeling it.
If you think that you are not ticklish then you just don't know your tickle points. Some are ticklish on feet, some armpits, some side waist, some neck, some on your knees. Have you tried mounting your fingers on someone's knee and  opening them  fluidly. It's so ticklish.
Everyone has some tickle points. If you still don't feel it then it's just sad. Even the most serious situation can be lightened with some tickle. Even the most grumpy people can laugh when tickled. The magic of tickle.
We tickled each other a lot as kids then why did we stop  when we grew up. Why do we try to control our laughter when tickled or hide our tickle points. It's sad why we start hiding reasons to laugh a little. Especially in public why do we feel embarrassed about being tickled. Probably to twist weirdly or laugh openly in public places causes embarrassment. But why should it. It's perfectly valid reason to laugh.
Have you ever been tickled so much that you felt, you would die if they don't stop tickling and you don't stop laughing. Do you have someone who knows your tickle points and tickled you often. Well then you are just lucky because you have the freedom to laugh without a reason, or on anyone, just plain simple laughter of joy. I think this right should be most mandatory. There should be tickle clubs, with better results than laughter clubs.
You don't need films, books or TV comedy you have the mechanism right inside you. You don't need a funny bone to be happy or make happy. You just need to have tickle points. Unfortunately we can't tickle ourselves, so it turns out to be a group activity. So find your tickle buddy and laugh and giggle and go all ha ha hi hi hoo hoo.....


Sujata Swamy said...

The video does not play :(

Neha said...

Try youtube and search for Baby ripping paper

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