November 12, 2013

Goodness Gracious, Gratitude

Pondicherry.. a quiet coastal South Indian town with a rich history and glorious heritage. We went there for a lazy weekend and decided to stay at this lovely Heritage Home restored from a French colonial house, now called Gratitude. The house was simply beautiful with its earthy tones, mystic silence, wide courtyard, wooden balconies, cool flooring, airy rooms and classy posters and vintage styling. It has everything to calm your mind, excite your taste and appeal to your senses.
Bringing you some glimpses of Gratitude. I truly feel it towards the creator for imagining such a gorgeous place to retreat to in a small part of the world, which now remains in a tiny corner of my memories forever.
The aura of the place accentuated by the soulful chanting playing in the background. I could sit on the swing with a book and a cup of tea, sleeping and waking in the shifting sunlight. The cool breeze amongst the tall trees of the courtyard sings a lullaby with a gentle swaying of the leaves. 


joshi daniel said...

they look so nice :)

Neha Gupta said...

Thx Daniel, it's worth a visit and all the clicking

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