October 4, 2013

HORN OK PLEASE, dekho magar pyaar se: TART

A Toy Truck (courtesy iDiva)
A typical Truck and its art – TART
On any road trip in India beyond the driving, navigation, traffic, passing scenery and roadside food, there is one thing which entertains you all the way - The Kitsch Truck Art or let's call it T-ART. As much as you hate the truck traffic on your road trips, you cannot miss checking out the awesome TRUCK BUTTS. In India all trucks have a tradition to have something written in the local language. It can be driving rules, social messages, patriotic lines or just plain poetry, but they are all fun to read. While my husband is driving and there is no need to figure the routes, I use my time to research and collect these quotes and pictures. Here sharing some of these keepsakes
From carrying goods to animals, they bear it all

Traffic Messages and Alerts
Use dipper at night
Wait for side
Keep Safe Distance
Mauka milne par rasta diya jayega

National and Regional patriotism is very evident with pictures of National flag, tricolor, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azaad or quotes like
Mera Bharat Mahaan
India is Great
Vande Maatram
Jai Maharashtra
Rangeelo Rajasthan
The Great Maratha
Amchi Mumbai
Sher dil Gurjar ka
100 main se 99 baemaan, phir bhi Mera Bharat Mahaan
Azaadi ke dewaane maut se pyaar karte hain
Sabse pyaara desh hamara
Saare Jahan se Acha
Social awareness
Hum Do Hamare Do
Mulgi shikli pragati zaali

Truck Shayari - Pearls of wisdom, quips, one liners
Jag jeeunda de mele (World is a celebration for the alive)
Sarbhat da Bhala
Jeo aur Jeene Do
Muskarate Raho
Soch ke Socho Saath kya jayega
Apni Aukat Mat Bhulo
Waqt se pehle naseeb se zyada kabhi kisi ko nahin mila
Jo hua so Acha hua
Apnon se sawdhaan
Har haal main khush raho Malik ki gadi, driver ka paseena, road pe chalti hai ban ke haseena
Ramgarh ki Rani, Dehradoon ka Raja, Milna hai to Massouri aaja

Emotional tid-bits for Home, love and mother
Sanam tere pyaar main
Awaz Do
Phir Milenge
Rabb Rakha
Chal rani tera Rabb rakha
Ghar kab aaoge
Phir wahi dil laya hoon
Maa ka Ashiwaad, Maa ki Dua
Aai cha Aashirwaad
Doston ka Dost
Mere rakhwale salasar wale
Do Bhai (probably about friendship)
It's a hustling bustling art form with drawings depicting geographical, regional, religious, folk, patriotic fervor of our nation: a Cow with its suckling child, Lotus flower, Hilly landscapes, Kalash, Black Jooti (shoe),Om and Swastik, Namaskar, Peacock. None of these have been drawn or conceptualized by great artists but it still holds the eternal magic of the local art and kitsch. The beautiful images, bright colors and local poetry makes for an amazing potpourri of Indian culture.
The Truck walas are very emotional about their Gaddi (trucks), referring it as their rozi roti, mai-baap, children and darlings with pet names like Ladli, Dulhan, Gudia, Miss Jammu, Himachal Express, Pahadon ki rani, Humsafar, Baazigar. They have names of their kids printed - Chintu Bunty ki Gaddi, Billoo Pinki ki savari. Even the fuel box is called Khaad Mantri, Khurak Mantri, Fanta Box.
For Kitsch lovers, who love toys and trucks, do take road trip to Punjab where you will find these road side shops with cute little miniature trucks (also Tractors and other farm vehicles) for your home and kids.

But the most popular are Nazarbattoo, either curses and quotes or decorating the trucks with black Parandhas, images of Gods and Kaali to ward of the evil eye
Buri nazar wale, tera munh kala
Buri nazar wale, ankh banwale
Nazar lagayega, joote khayega
Bure nazar wale, tera bhi bhala ho
Na buri nazar, na muh kala, sab ka bhala kare upar wala
Dekho Magar Pyaar se
Ya khuda abroo rakhna bada nazuk zamana hai! dilon main kufr rakhte hain dikhate dostana hain!!
A road side shop selling Truck accessories like parandha, flags, stickers, etc


Anupam Mathur said...

Neha has the knack of capturing India's daily life beautifully .  The archeologies of Gujarat, the vintage collection of mumbai and this time its the Truckers 'the spirit of indian highways'. She puts instagram to its best use to bring out the India of many colors

Neha Gupta said...

You put it so beautifully... it will take a lifetime to capture all the shades of vibrant India...thanks bud

http://joshidaniel.com/ said...

that is a nice collection :)

Neha Gupta said...

Thanks Daniel...

Rajesh Kumar said...

Interesting collection!

(can you please remove word verification)

Neha Gupta said...

Hi Rajesh. Thanks
Will remove it

Srinivas said...

keen observation like this make life beautiful and worth livng.

mere looking at things is an art and you have that..


i really enjoyed the article.

Neha Gupta said...

Thanks Srinivas... life is so beautiful.. only if we pause for a moment we will realise it..

update coming soon on more truck shayari (from a recent road trip)

Jenny said...

Hey neha, nicely captured...the Tart's have definitely captured my attention on roads...I'm glad someone else finds them interesting

Neha Gupta said...

Catchy and colourful they are a sight to behold. Thanx jenny... for dropping by.

Shrutika Saboo said...

hey i want the toy truck shown in pictures..where can i get thr frm

Shrutika Saboo said...

hey i want the toy truck shown in pictures..where can i get thr frm

Neha said...

It's available in Punjab. There are many small shops on the highway which sell, otherwise search online it would be up for sale

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