September 4, 2013

These are a few of my favorite smells!!

Over years you forget many faces, sounds and names. You carry on with your daily lives and routine, trying to forget the past, living in the present for a good future. And then a sudden smell hits you, the smell of nostalgia, bring back the fond memories. Smells like that of Gilli Mitti (wet earth) after the first downpour, or the smell from an old air cooler on a hot summer night when there were no air conditioners, the smell of your mother from her hugs and the smell of first loves from the pressed roses in the old books. All these smells remind you of home, childhood, family, friendship, love, romance and you find yourself smiling. 
When I started thinking of various smells, the sweet song from ‘The Sound of Music’ started playing in my head and I realized that there is no better way to explain these special smells if not in the tune of ‘These are a few of my favorite Things!’ aaarrr I mean Smells! 
Rain drops on earth and musky wet soil
Mummy’s hugs and massages of mustard oil 
Muddy monsoons and naphthalene balls of winters
Dancing in the rain and tucking in the quilters 
These are a few of my favorite smells! 
Hidden snakes in the Raat ka Rani
Childhood stories and all the shaitani 
Baby nappies, powder and dribbles
Cries and laughter, Burps and tickles 
These are a few of my favorite smells! 
Hot steaming tea and Oat meal cookies
Bhelpuri chaat and late night Noodles 
Lemon pickle and Carrot pudding
Fighting over the last piece on war footing 
These are a few of my favorite smells!
When the words bite, and the looks sting
When I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite smells
and then I don't feeel so bad! 
Pressed roses and old yellowing look
Fresh glue and Brown paper bound book 
These are a few of my favorite smells! 
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