July 15, 2013

Life is but a bench and a swing

Life is but a Bench and a Swing
Bench is the Earth, Swing is the Sky
Bench is Work, Swing is Play
Bench is School, Swing is Holidays
Bench is Marriage, Swing is Love
Bench is Meditation, Swing is Dancing
Bench is Food, Swing is Dessert
Bench is Thinking, Swing is Feeling
Bench is Home, Swing is Travel
Bench is to Stay; Swing is to Soar

After all, Life is but a Bench and a Swing
Lifelong game of musical chairs between a Bench and a Swing
But they both take you nowhere…
Life is but a Rocking chair...
Life is but a Bench and a Swing ...


Anupam Mathur said...

Again beautiful click, guess u have become an instragraam

Neha Gupta said...

Hi hi... give me the credit for the click. Instagram was for the mood

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