June 11, 2013

Charming Chatochak

Flea markets - if you really want to explore the historical, social, and cultural life in any place then these are the places. It is where the lives, homes and things of everyday culminate to form the vintage, antique and eclectic potpourri of culture and people. The daily use things of yesteryears become the relics and antiques of present day - multiple times the value they were before. Its like you are holding a piece of history, a bygone era and a time machine in your hand.
So guys take a seat on this posh retro 70s Sofa while I take you to a quick sight view of the Chatochak market.
Chatochak market in Bangkok is everything new and old. A market which has the newest and trendiest stuff at bargain prices during the day becomes a  charming vintage flea market during the night. I couldn't miss this for the world and it was every second and penny worth it.
The stuff is laid out on road, walls, in cars, in shops and you can not help it but be enamoured with the variety and uniqueness of the pieces..
Old records to metal posters to old china to lamps to dolls to music instruments.. there is something to please every eye!!
and these were the steals deals I picked:
a wooden poster board of Bugati Type 35 for our Bar
and a GE Radio Clock of 1960s in excellent working condition...
just what we were looking for to add the much charm to our house and our collection!! 
So when in Bangkok for the weekend do not forget to visit Chaotochak!!


Vijay Nair said...

Heyyyy After long time I gt time to catch up with your articles.. (Oops my schedule)... nice anyway....

I am looking for wooden style box cum table which used to show as apartus of old age Munim ji... if you remember old films... I m wondering if that is available at SOBO market... let me know if you are planning to head towards chor bazar someday... I can ask you to enquire about this.... hope you are doing good :)

Neha Gupta said...

Thanks... I can understand I have been myself crazy busy for past 3 months... Ya I figured the Munim ji desk. You will get that even at Oshiwara market in Andheri where you get old wooden furniture. Am not going any sooner with rains playing harsh.. will let you know if I come across it soon

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